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Nashville Photographer

As a professional photographer in Nashville, I specialize in weddings, portraits, and commercial photography. I have been working as photographer for 15 years. I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005. Since then I have worked as an architectural photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, aerial photographer, real estate photographer, product photographer, photojournalist, and photography teacher. Learning all of these styles of photography has been especially helpful with my wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, I make still life photographs of wedding rings and other details, formal portraits of the families, candid portraits of guests, architectural photos of the wedding venue, night photos of the reception venue, romantic portraits of the bride and groom, musician photos of the band, food photography of the cake and catering, and the list goes on.

Wedding photographers in Nashville work in many different types of wedding venues with characteristics that are unique to their location. From outdoor farms to downtown ballrooms, and everything in between, I enjoy photographing weddings at all types of wedding venues. Each ceremony and reception venue provides its own set of challenges and creative opportunities.