December 4, 2009

Thanks to Abby Larson of Style Me Prettyfor featuring Tosha & Will’s sweet wedding on one of our favorite wedding blogs today. Something we’ve always meant to do but can never seem to find the time for, is to submit our client’s wedding stories to blogs. Since Tosha was a huge blog reader while she was engaged and told us that being featured on Style Me Pretty would “make my life” (she’s cute like that) we decided to give it a go – and it worked! YAY!! Great job Tosha and all of the talented people involved!

 You can check out the full feature here.


  • Jen says:

    Nat! Congrats on being featured on Style Me Pretty – I actually LOVE that blog, I read it all the time :) I guess you’re kind of a big deal now, huh?! You should definitely submit more photos, your and Dan’s work is so amazing, you’re practically a shoo-in!

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